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Mission Statement

Coos Community Radio builds community by bringing people together, filling needs that other media do not, and providing a voice to the unserved and underserved. We promote locally produced news, music, entertainment, local features, and information that are reflective of the diverse talents and interests of our broadcasters and listeners.


Coos Community Radio

  • Rate of Change

    Rate of Change

    A local sustainability measure 6-162 is facing unprecedented challenges from a Canadian fossil-fuel company.   Download Filetype: MP3 – Size: 43.23MB – Duration: 37:46 m (160 kbps…

  • Chai Chat – March for Science

    Chai Chat – March for Science

    Welcome to Chai Chat! In this discussion, over a cup of chai, we interview local scientist Todd Buchholz, who is working with a group of Coos County…

  • Chai Chat – Components of a PV System

    Chai Chat – Components of a PV System

    What is Chai Chat? Chai Chat is a show that features subjects in energy and environmental sustainability that include: career pathways, economic development, and project based learning…

  • Rate of Change – Ken Ward Interview

    Rate of Change – Ken Ward Interview

    March 8, 2017, International Women’s Day marks the centennial of the 1917 Russian Revolution where years of tension, suffering, abject poverty, long bread lines and short rations…

  • Rate of Change – Episode 1

    Rate of Change – Episode 1

    Welcome to Rate of Change, a program to explore pressing issues from climate change to income inequality, from environmental degradation to civil liberties and whether our current…

  • Economic Independence Episode 2

    Economic Independence Episode 2

    We visit with Dr Eric Dunker of Oregon State University’s Extension Services to discuss the importance of sustainability and what that might look like in Coos County.

  • Economic Independence Hour

    Economic Independence Hour

    Guests Thomas Linzey and Kai Huschke of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund join us to discuss community rights vs corporate privilege and our fundamental right to…

  • Rock and Pop Podcast 3

    Rock and Pop Podcast 3

    Compilation by Robert Rioux Download Filetype: MP3 – Size: 34.83MB – Duration: 38:03 m (128 kbps 44100 Hz) Your browser does not support the audio player


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