Welcome to Rate of Change, a program to explore pressing issues from climate change to income inequality, from environmental degradation to civil liberties and whether our current system of governance and activism are keeping pace with and are effective enough to result in restoring a healthy planet and a sustainable economy. Rate of Change is brought to you by Coos Commons Protection Council. Coos Commons Protection Council promotes economic, environmental and social justice and sustainability and has qualified Measure 6-162 for the May 2017 ballot. To learn more about Coos Commons and The Coos County Right to a Sustainable Energy Future Ordinance visit cooscommons.org. My name is Mary Geddry and this KJAJ-LP 98.1 on your FM dial.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone, we have all heard of that right and that Coos County sits right on top of it? We also know that injecting fracking waste into underground wells causes earthquakes and that there is increasing evidence horizontal drilling or fracking can be directly linked to quakes as well. What you may not know is that the Coos County Commission is set to renew gas leases with a company that uses pneumatic fracturing to extract coalbed methane right where scientists predict an imminent megathrust earthquake will demolish roads and bridges and destroy powerlines leaving us without electricity for months. Oh, and don’t forget the tsunami.
More on that in a few minutes but a recent Yale University study about climate opinion states that 67% of Coos County residents believe global warming is happening and trust climate scientists. By no means are these great statistics but certainly not the worst in the nation. The downside is that barely 50% believe global warming is harming people now or will within the next decade. Those people should probably have a conversation with Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery which almost went out of business due to ocean acidification brought on by global warming. 3000 people work in these industries.
It is to that 50% who accept that global warming is impacting us today that I am appealing to now.

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The gas industry maintains that only 1% of natural gas leaks escaping unburned into the atmosphere, from pipelines and wells. According to testing undertaken since 2008 by both private institutions and universities throughout Colorado, Utah and Southern California the number is extraordinarily higher. In Southern California the number was 17%. When you consider that there are 1.5 million miles of pipelines crisscrossing the United States you begin to see why both Ingraffia and Howarth have determined that natural gas is much worse than coal, two to four times worse.
The proposed Jordan Cove LNG export terminal is reported to be the single largest climate polluter in Oregon if it is built
We will provide links to the data sited here at both cooscommons.org and at kjaj.org under our podcasts section.
On Tuesday, March 7, tomorrow as we record this program, the Coos County Commission plans to renew leases initiated with the ill-fated “Methane Energy Corporation” but now held by Coos Bay Energy, LLC. Coos Bay Energy is owned by Westport Energy Holdings, Inc, a publicly traded resource extraction company based out of Connecticut.
There doesn’t appear to be any indication that Coos Bay Energy has any immediate plans to begin poking our megathrust beast in the belly and if an upcoming ballot measure to ensure our right to a sustainable energy future passes this May, the company will be prohibited from doing so as will Jordan Cove LNG.
Still, if you are concerned about Coos County being continuously used as a resource colony and are part of the 50% who believe global warming is harming us now. Please call or email our county commissioners.

Call Commissioner
Robert “Bob” Main at
(541) 396-7540
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John Sweet at
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