What is Chai Chat?

Chai Chat is a show that features subjects in energy and environmental sustainability that include: career pathways, economic development, and project based learning in academia…and funky tunes are also played between interviews and discussions.

Episodes of Chai Chat are recorded in various locations along the southern Oregon Coast. Chat Chat host, Rik Villarreal, brings a lo-fi, unassuming vibe on his show. Rik showcases interviews from industry enthusiasts and subject matter experts in the renewable energy and environmental sustainability workforce sectors – and spins vinyl of various musical genres!


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Chai Chat: Episode 1 (30 minutes) – Basic Solar Electricity and Major Components of a PV System

In this show, Rik discusses basic concepts in photovoltaics (PV) and distinguishes between grid-tied and off-grid PV systems, basic off-grid solar applications, and the six major components of an off-grid PV system while playing indie, reggae, and alt-rock songs!