KJAJ features podcasts, news and talk shows which are unavailable on any other local radio station. We try to ensure that each show fulfills some part of our mission, and we have made an effort to include local podcasts, news and talk shows that have been made available to us.

If you, or someone you know would like KJAJ to broadcast your/their podcast or talk show, email us mp3s and/or links to mp3 archives, along with a statement giving us permission to broadcast them, to

The following is a list of the podcasts, news and talk shows that KJAJ broadcasts:

Democracy Now!

Economic Update


Native Traditions, with Kathy Lenox
(Reruns from Archives)

Nonpartisan Red Pill Men’s Group

Music In The Community, with Clayton the Character
(Reruns from Archives)

The Word of God, with Pastor Dave Rymer
Videos available at CCMC